Clinical Neuroimmunology

The Clinical Neuroimmunology group aims to define the clinical features and best treatment of immune mediated brain conditions, including autoimmune encephalitis, autoimmune movement disorders and the immune contribution of common disorders such as epilepsy and neuropsychiatric conditions such as tics and obsess-compulsive disorder.

The group is lead by Professor Russell Dale, who works closely with the Brain Autoimmunity laboratory, which is lead by A/Prof Fabienne Brilot. Other than the role of autoantibodies, the Clinical Neuroimmunology group also uses other collaborative approaches to define the role of other immune biomarkers in immune brain conditions. The team also aims to understand the utility and safety of immune suppressive agents, and immune modulatory agents.

The Clinical Neuroimmunology group has contributed to consensus definitions of CNS demyelination and autoimmune encephalitis, and lead research into the use of rituximab and intravenous immunoglobulin in immune brain conditions in children.

The Clinical Neuroimmunology group is led by Prof Russell Dale and includes a number of key people.

Did you know?

The brain contains 100 billion neurones. You heard that right. That's 100,000,000,000!

Photo of a brain showing the wiring inside. Image by NIH (Creative commons)